Adventures in the Wild East

On Saturday I visited the News from Nowhere Club in East London to give a talk on the history of the Eton Manor Boys’ Club. It was a really enjoyable evening with some great questions at the end from an attentive and interested audience. It was especially lovely to have a couple of Eton Manor ‘Old Boys’ present. Not least because it saved me from having to sing the club song as a solo towards the end of the talk. Thanks to Brian Cole, in particular, for travelling so far to join us – and for kindly donating two items of club ephemera from his personal collection to the Eton Manor archive.

I promised to share the content of the talk as a pdf so that those unable to attend could read it in document form.

Adventures in the Wild East_Michelle Johansen_2013

Unfortunately I can’t share the 80+ images I showed as part of the talk but these are freely available to view and enjoy in the Bishopsgate Institute archive (for anyone able to travel to central London). To indicate the riches in the archive, here are three photographs from a set of colour slides donated by Club ‘Old Boy’ Peter Wilson. The images show Eton Manorites at summer camp during the late 1950s and are reproduced here with the permission of Bishopsgate Institute & Archive.





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