London Amusements

On Saturday 26 October, I visited the Eykyn MacLean gallery for the Van Gogh in Paris exhibition – free until the end of November. What a privilege to see such beautiful paintings at close quarters. The Blute-fin Windmill (1886) by Van Gogh; View of Montmartre (1887) by Maximilien Luce; Fields at Thierceville (1888) by Lucien Pisarro; and Avenue de Clichy (1887) by Louis Anquetin were particular favourites. Trying to shake off a curious sensation of being an extra in Midnight in Paris I walked through rainy Soho towards the Swedish café Bageriet. Small details caught my i-pad eye.

West End in Detail 544537_609136865794864_1683026991_n 560011_609137155794835_1343956549_n 1379509_609137685794782_186076308_n 1383276_609137059128178_1831766281_n 1383744_609137799128104_1346852277_n German 1901013

I like photographing fragments of street furniture and shop fronts for my own interest. There is some amazing work being done to document London’s shops more systematically and professionally elsewhere. Next, a river bus to Greenwich to see The Selfish Giant at the cinema. The young leads Conner Chapman and Shaun Thomas were incredible and the film stayed in my mind for hours afterwards. From fin-de-siècle Parisian art to a scrapyard in Bradford via a high-tide Thames boat ride and a Scandinavian sandwich – in one leisurely London day out.